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Tim B.

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Pretty much sums up how i feel After intake, pulley, midpipe, muffler, and tune, i've probably spent about $5-6K and probably netted 30-40whp ......for $10k you could possibly net 150whp..........wish i knew that 2 yrs ago

Originally Posted by Rshane View Post
The best way is to supercharge. The other way is to make small gains by buying many little bolt ons that will net you about a 5th of the horsepower at about half the price of supercharging.

Hell, half the people on this site could have supercharged their cars for the price they spent on wheels and tires alone.

I know an ESS kit may seem expensive but, their base kit will run you around $10K after install. My Akra exhaust was about $5K (including Delete-R). I may have picked up 12-15 HP with the Akra.

IMO, if horsepower is what you are after, I would save up for a blower instead of nickel and dimeing your way to nearly the same cost with bolt on mods.