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Originally Posted by FormulaMMM View Post
Richard, do you have any track time data points on the Clubsport similar to what you shared on the Competition? (

If the Competition netted you 2.8 seconds, the Clubsport 1/2 that? Or are we talking marginal lap time difference between the two?
Two data points I have are from two M Club members orion565 and tinpot, whose cars I worked extensively on. Both cars had DCT, KW Clubsport, AD08 or similar tires, Akrapovic Evo, and StopTech brakes. Basically the same as my car except for suspension, GT4 aero, and weight loss. Their cars did 1:48 at the same track.

Here's the Houston M Club lap time database FYI. My best time on it was with Continental scrubs or Hoosier R6, KW Competition, StopTech BBK, at about 3,450 lbs w/o driver.

Originally Posted by aus View Post
Thanks for the detailed response. I always appreciate your input since you have hands on experience. What line is the new inverted strut in? CS or Competition or is it a new line?

It will be an option for for Competition 2-way. It is already the standard for Competition 3-way.

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James, being quite the bully again I see!

Just kidding!

I also considered sleeve-overs, but decided they are not worth it just to be able to corner balance. Hope 2013 brings you lots of track time and happiness!
Look forward to seeing you at our February event!
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