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Went to Rausch Creek last weekend and went snow wheeling... It was interesting. Lol. Gotta fix some broken stuff now.
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Trail damage from J... Actually lost this going INTO J. lmao. :laughing:

Gotta love SOLID diff covers. This thing took one heck of a beating.

After we climbed out of J and Crawl Daddy....

idk. parking lot + snow + truck and trailer = me taking a pic for some reason.

The two guys we ended up wheeling with. The jeep in the middle tore its brake lines out trying to get out of Crawl Daddy and was the only Jeep with a winch that worked (i don't have one and the one on the other black jeep had the drum spinning on the rope)...

My dad's jeep ended up not getting stuck because he lagged behind trying to fix a swaybar link (pin popped out and link came off of bushing). Yes, my dad and I were wheeling with our swaybars connected and tires at street pressure (30psi). It was WAY too cold to disconnect them and air down. :cursing:

My dad didn't like how it felt driving down the road on the way home without the swaybar properly connected, so this was the fix I came up with in a gas station parking lot..

Gassing up at our local Shell station.

Giving the jeeps a well-deserved bath.

Low washer fluid. Lol. :laughing:

This was definitely a day to remember... In retrospect, getting stuck on the trail and trying to drive out for 3 hours was almost funish. Absolutely one of those "you only live once" moments. Lol.

All in all, my Jeep performed well enough. It came through for me when I really needed it and managed to power out of Crawl Daddy and J without a winch or strap. What did I learn from this trip? Well, first off don't follow someone who says "I have no idea where I'm going" in the parking lot... Unless you want to go on a bit of an adventure. Lol. :laughing:
Second; a front e-locker and chromoly shafts, and a helical LSD in the rear are looking like an extremely necessary mod. Third, front and rear winches. I have it pretty much figured out in my head how I want to mount them, hide them, and keep my stock bumpers (I don't like any of the aftermarket stuff and I like the way my jeep looks as it sits). Now all I gotta do is learn how to weld and find a bunch of time to do it.... :blink: :hammer:

I have several more videos, but this is the only one I've gotten around to editing... Still learning how to use the video editing software. Lol. :cursing: I wish I had gotten a video of me getting off of Crawl Daddy and J because it was pretty much pedal-to-the-metal the entire way up lol, but that was honestly the last thing on my mind. And I can't thank Melissa and Kyle (rausch creek staff) enough for their help. They were super nice and I probably wouldn't have gotten off of J without Kyle's expert help. I'm definitely taking a "off-roading 101" course with him in the spring/summer. :cheers:

VV video