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Originally Posted by m3an
IMO this is NO WAY like s54 cover up issue and no need for worry. My car is 5 years old and runs great. Sure it makes noise, but they all do. As far as bearings are concerned, people like to think it's the bearings ala e46 m3, but there has been no proof at all that the bearings are any different in the newer 2013 cars. Also I think the problem lies in the bedplate/windage tray. As some cars have had repairs to the bedplate and been fine. Possible slightly misaligned or certain stresses during or after assembly causing them to fail. Only a few cars have really failed (throwing rods out blocks and such)..

Anyways, curious to see the responses
Agreed. That last one with the pics and supposed "oil filter causing failure" did show an issue with only 1 main. Making me assume out of alignment or machining flaw.