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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
Guys frozen colors have the same clear coat as any other car only in a matte finish and maybe slightly different ingredients but it function like any other clear coat in terms of polishing, buffing and cleaning it. Its no different to take care of. only if you get a scratch through clear coat is it a pain because there are no easy touch up or repaint options
Do you own a Frozen paint car? I do and would never polish or buff it the way I would my other cars so I would be curious to your personal experience with it.

My Frozen silver is very easy to take car of. I installed a full satin/matte bra on the front of my car as I take mine to the track. It is very easy to wash and and maintain the paint. I have had bird droppings etc on my car and I have just made sure i have cleaned them off with in a day or two and have not had any marks etc. The only pain is the rubber marks on the bra from the track, but you can deal with those easy enough.