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Originally Posted by W Cole View Post
You mentioned improved shifting. Is refined DCT programming included as part of the tuning package? As far as drivebility goes I couldn't imagine the engine/fueling any better than the OEM package but the transmission does leave some (slight) room for impovement...
Mike can answer better but...

The DCT has its own controller unit. Mike can access it but not via OBD and the remote-capable method like he can the ECU. He needs to connect to it directly meaning you and your car have to meet him, somewhere. I don't know what improvements he can make/has made with respect to DCT operation but I'm becoming interested. So the answer is "No, the tune does not include DCT programming" but there is a caveat...

The ECU still controls the engine during the shift. Whether there is any communication, feedback, etc. between the ECU and the DCT control unit I don't know (I'm sure Mike does) but the ECU does do torque management during the shift by interrupting fuel/spark/pixie dust injection. How much is determined at a basic level by which Drivelogic mode you are in, i.e. 1 - 6. I suspect that DSC and other factors enter as secondary drivers. If there is two-way, or at least one-way communication between the ECU and DCT then it could be very interesting. I have some BMW documentation, if i get a chance later I will look, assuming Mike hasn't jumped in and schooled me.

I went driving again today while everyone was sleeping it off or watching the Rose Parade and, well...


I can now easily get some real rear differential locking action in Drivelogic 5 with the Euro MDM. Before the US-spec MDM nanny pretty much wouldn't allow it. When I next pick up some Wheaties at the store I'll try Drivelogic 6 and DSC off. Stock I could get a really good sideways kick in the 1-2 shift with a little bit of steering input. Now...? Wheaties first.
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