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Originally Posted by redloro View Post
And what about the S6, M5 and E63 comparo:

As a recent RS4 owner, I almost cancelled my E92 order after reading this...although would've prolly gone with the RS5.

Having played extensively with both manufacturers, I think it can be summed up pretty simply: BMW is built to drive whereas Audi is built to enjoy. So if you're like me and you want to enjoy your drive (hehe..) you can find yourself on the fence. I'll prolly go back to an RS something in a year or so.
I also came to an M3 from the RS4.

M3 has better steering, better suspension, better chassis/body dynamics. You always know where you are in the relation to the cars limits when driving hard. You can literally feel what the car is doing in a way that you just didn't in the RS4.

Engine is basically a toss up.

Stock exhaust is better in the RS4.

RS4 is easier to drive closer to the limit due to the grip of AWD.

M3 will put giggles on your face more than the RS4, once you really learn to drive it. It took me about a year to master the M3 to a point where I could drive it as hard as the RS4 and be in control. With the RS4, there was really no learning curve. Quattro allows you to just get in and go, but the trade-off is that the car just doesn't feel as sharp as an M3.
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