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[quote=BimmFiniti;13087758]Recent comparison tests show a disturbing trend with new BMW models:
  • Motor Trend, S8 vs Alpina B7: S8 blew it away
  • Road and Track, S7 vs 650 Gran Coupe: S7 pretty clear winner
  • Motor Trend, Panamera GTS (not Audi, I realize) vs M5: M5 absolutely panned as disappointing, big, imprecise

Audi's small Turbo engines seem to be better than BMW's and they also seem to be building lighter, more sporting cars. BMW's electric steering has been criticized as artificial and lacking feel. What the heck is BMW doing? Have they lost the sporting "edge"?

I'm glad I have a "legit" sporting BMW with my E90 (although the steering in my E46 330i is better), but I'm a bit worried about the M3 (and M4?) and whether it will be better than its competition.[/QUOT
s7 will never come close to m6 grand coupe. m5 much nicer than ugly panamera and s8 should be compared to m5 in which it loses. so i disagree with your assessment. the key will be the new M3/M4 becasue any improvement in performance over the current will just solidify it being the leader because the current M3 easily defeats the rs5