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Originally Posted by Julio Perez View Post
Hey guys I've been wanting to put springs on my car but I'm concerned that if something happens to the car the warranty won't cover it since I've installed after market springs. Anyone delt with this before ?
Yes, the only parts that your warranty will not cover will be suspension related issues. Now, if you get a quality set of springs which are installed by a professional shop, there's little to nothing to worry about.

Also, over time your OEM dampers/struts will wear out because your modified Springs will be making them work twice as hard. I've heard up to 30k miles from when you install the springs. If you track the car, it would be sooner.

If you haven't, you should also do a search on Springs on this forum to read about Pros/Cons before you do it. There are a lot of good Stickies in the Suspension section.