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The issue at hand is although BMW doesn't make the watch, they are involved in who gets to put their trademarks on their watches. If they allowed the manufacturer to put their logo on a watch that can only be seen during daytime it goes a long way for the arguments that BMW is becoming a branding company and not a company of quality.

In the case of the OP I'm sure he's pissed that he can only portray the enjoyment of an otherwise thoughtful gift in the daylight. I bet it would suck having to remove said wonderful gift when he and his wife go out to a venue that is not well lit...

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I don't understand this. BMW pays another company to make a watch for them with the BMW logo on it. That is it's only connection to BMW. I would rather buy a swatch watch with a swatch logo on it than a Rolex with a BMW logo on it. BMW doesn't make watches.