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Originally Posted by mot View Post
So...what's a good one?

This one seems to have really good reviews:
I think the ones by Battery Tender and CTEK are consistently well-regarded; for example, I know the Porsche-branded trickle charger is made by CTEK.

Found out about "unfavorable driving profiles" the hard way when my battery failed last year, after only 3 years in service and 17K miles. My SA was extremely apologetic as it's a very common situation and clients take it out on him when they find out the battery is not covered under warranty, with a replacement and coding cost of just under $400.

I wrote a letter to BMWNA but of no avail. My issue was that nowhere in the owner's manual does it say that this type of driving behavior will damage the battery and void the warranty. Had I known, I would have started charging the battery overnight once a week. Without warning in the manual and with my car being driven daily, I think it violates the spirit of the warranty to deny the battery claim.

I know there are dealerships out there that are able to work the system to warranty the battery in this situation, but mine couldn't. Hope this post saves someone out there from a similar situation. Cheers!
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