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Love this thread, it's a great read and the OP car looks great ... no question about it ... then I read someone saying ... we need to come up with a "12 Point Plan"

Now while I must agree to mod your car is fun ... then on the other hand you never get your investment back so ... let me share with you my 12 point plan ...

Plan to keep this fine ///M3 Automobile Stock (well as close to it as possible).
  • 1 ... 50% of parts on this fine ///M car are better and improved from a standard 3 Series Bimmer.
  • 2 ... 80% of this ///M car components are modified from an already great 3 Series.
  • 3 ... This car was developed from an originally great 3 Series into a true. ///M3 why should I change it.
  • 4 ... So much thought and knowledge has been devoted by great folks to make this ///M what it is.
  • 5 ... Who am I to make changes on this car that has been so carefully designed by qualified engineers and designers.
  • 6 ... Whatever I do performance or otherwise, I cannot go any faster can I now.
  • 7 ... The additional Dollars I pump into the car I will never get back no matter what I do.
  • 8 ... If I wanted something faster or slicker I should have gotten that in the first place.
  • 9 ... So instead of adding more $ let me use the $ as gas $ and think of using ZERO $ per Mile
  • 10 ... Let me use some of the $ and take out the wife (or significant other for some of you) for a nice evening.
  • 11 ... If I would add a louder exhaust, Police will stop me and it won't be just to say hello
  • 12 ... Last but not least I will worry a lot less when I park my car that it be stolen or vandalized.

Now having said all this ... I did make a mod, well sort of ... had my windows tinted and got some nice ///M summer mats in Alberta last year on sale.

Now we are not all the same ... then don't take my advice I just think different about all this

As I said before someone mentioned "We should come up with a 12 point plan" well here is my 12 pointer and I'm sticking with it ... a CF performance spoiler perhaps next year when I am in the US ... it will be like giving my toy a bracelet
Cheers, Rolf-Dieter

Life will take us to some interesting places, fortunately The ///M3 will too with a many of us know this very well, now my C6.3 AMG with 487 HP does it too
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