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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
Here's a list of times I put together here -

I ran a 11.88 @ 118 with Bolt on's.

FWIW I don't have a problem with you prefering 1/4 mile runs, being old school etc. I think that's awesome, my problem initially, and I apologize if it came across the wrong way, was that we weren't at a 1/4 mile track, and that I don't just prefer roll on runs, but why not just say "nice run, do you plan on taking it to the drag strip soon?"

You have to understand there was a tremendous amount of time and money spent on the car, so I posted the vid to show the community what it's capable of, nothing more and I think these runs demonstrate how fast the car is and that our hard work (ESS, IMG's, myself and others) is paying off.

that 11.88 is riding too for bolt ons. stock gears?