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Originally Posted by Skullbussa View Post
So BMW engineers decided to use F1 power delivery in a 5 seater, daily driver car? The M3 is not a sports car, it is confusing that BMW engineers supposedly had the intention of replicating the powerband of a pure track car on a car that will spend 99.99% of its life on public streets.

I reject the notion this was BMW's intention. If so, why replace it with a turbo engine in the next M3? Remember, this next engine will make roughly the same horsepower - the difference is that it will make over 100+ more ft.lbs of torque. Clearly BMW is correcting what they consider to be a mistake.
Perhaps you haven't been paying attention to the new CAFE requirements.....BMW is doing the turbo primarily for gas mileage while maintaining/improving performance. Without that requirement, I would think the progression would be a larger V8, then perhaps an even higher revving V8, then maybe even a V10 ( while M5/6 goes V12). BMW M division chief has been quoted that the new turbo M engines will have a "higher" redline in keeping with the M traditions.

It's not about what BMW engineers can or cannot's about what they WANT to do for the M brand. And for the M brand, they want to have high revving linear engines.

I do agree with you on one thing - M3 is not a sports's a sports sedan/coupe with many of the fantastic characteristics of a single seat, open wheel, formula race car. Look at the history of the M cars and you'll see that BMW has not strayed much from their original intention.