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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
1.6 60 ft? taken it easy/

I miss AWD launches in my Evo (1.5/1.6)

Good times.
lol ,sorry I'm french, I meant it was easy to do 1.6 60foot, not that i was doing 1.6 when I was takin it easy!

Yeah me too I miss the AWD launches at the drag strip, but it's well worth it when I think of all the fun I have drifting with the M3! But I think I'll buy a set of wheels and DRs for this summer, I go often to the drag strip and would love to finally be in the 11s!

1.5 with an Evo, really impressive, the only 1.5 I saw with an STI was my friend who had a GT35R 25psi and it was a 1.599! lol My friend now has a manual EvoX stg2 and has not been able to do better then 1.7 , what mods did you have!?