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Originally Posted by Antonio1988 View Post
Audi has definitely stepped things up, but I still feel that, at best, they are on par with BMW. The performance aspect of things is putting the Audi's ahead in terms of straightline power, but they are still lacking in the handling department.

Things will change when BMW finishes their transition for the M/// brand into the smaller displacement V8's coupled with turbo(s).
I like both brands for different reasons but I agree, Audi has come a long way. Competition is great. It should continue to push BMW to improve their vehicles and we being the beneficiaries.

Looking at the lap times for the RS5. On par with the current M3. With AWD and torque-vectoring, it is easier to drive an Audi faster with less skill. Penalty, more weight especially in the front.

It will be very interesting to see what the next gen M3/M4 can do.