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Originally Posted by thegeneral101 View Post
I guess they weren't including doc fees and registration totaling $700. they sais if it comes out lower, they will write a check.
I don't like how these numbers are adding up. $700 or so for doc fees is very high. I believe they are pushing 39 months to cover-up some of the cost by reflecting a lower monthly payment.

Being that the dealer is in RI and your registration is FL, where is the expense? IMO, doc fees should be around $180.

For a lease the dealer can make a profit from cost of vehicle, money factor, acquisition fee, doc fees and any dealer add-on (trim pieces, contracts, etc). Tell them to adjust the money factor to .00125 (10k/36). The residual adjusted up in December from 59% to 62%. Have them confirm the acquisition fee of $725. I suspect they are adding to it. Most likely to $925.