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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
; I been drag racing a long time, RWD cars as well and that's the point I guess?? regardless of start, 1/4 mile is about reaction time and 60ft time. All these numbers can be broken down and measured to see what a "good start" is. I don't really get what you're saying other than one car can get the jump out of the hole and that's the point of racing in general
Depends on what you like I guess, personnaly when I go to 1/4 mile, I don't care about the car beside me, neither my reaction time, all I care is my RPM and my shifts to try to make the best time as possible!

I don't race people to beat them but to have fun and looking how my car is holdin up against other cars, that's why I always try to make a race as fair as possible. Yes I'm happy when I win but that's just because it means that my car is faster and it's working well! Even when I had AWD I never wanted to race people from a dig(was doing easy 1.6-1.7 60ft with my STI) because I wanted to compare straight line performance, not off the line performance!

This reminds me of my friend with its stock 09 GT-R who wanted to race from a dig after he saw that it was a close race on the higway, I think it hearted his ego. Who cares if he would've raped my ass from a dig, that's only about 0.017% of the fun I have with my cars, at least I can drift!