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+ 1 yes, the car can act silly after a spin out that messes with the car goind off axis. This is more part of a collision saftety feature. Example, like if you're ever in a crash, the batt cable pops and the doors unlock; if you have a vert that goes off it's horizontal axis plane it will trip the rear headrests to pop thinking its a rollover.

It may not be limp mode, but it's not out of ordinary for the car to have issues after being spun around and rolled backwards violently. If this was a stick, that's your first problem, as you ALWAYS push the clutch in when the car gets out of control to prevent stalling out.

To answer your post question; this is def a NEWB issue, and to all others saying never turn DSC off, you all need lessons as well. Most of my other cars never had TC and all made lots of power and could be "steered by throttle". People who rely on the DSC need fundamental driving skills. This topic seems to be pretty common here every few months. This car will snap oversteer I find as the amount of grip needed to "lose it" is pretty high, so you really need to be moving not to mention the car really only makes the power upstairs, so High RPM + higher speed= OP spinning in circles