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Originally Posted by My E90 View Post
Use to play with the numbers but the money factor is .00125 and residual of 62% for a 36 month lease with 10K miles. Get them to explain why they are pushing you to a 39 month lease.

Hopefully you aren't dealing with one of the dealers down here in Miami. They DO NOT negotiate.

I just got a car for my wife at Ft Lauderdale BMW on Federal hwy at a few hundred over invoice with base MF and residuals.... and this was an ordered car.

PM me if you feel like giving it another try with a new sales person.
Not listed in the post but the OP wants the LRE w/ MT. This reduces the options to what is available and how much that specific dealer will negotiate. I agree, the lease should be base rate at 36 months. The buy price might be higher vs. a standard M3. It all depends on how the CA and/or Sales Mgr sees the value and/or wants to close year end.