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Originally Posted by Alex07M3 View Post
Racing from a dig with RWD cars does'nt give you enough margin of error, specially with manual cars, if you want to compare the straight line performance of two cars rather then the drivers ability to launch. In a drag race, there's always one that has a worst start then the other and that confuse the result of which car is faster!

That been said, I love going to the 1/4 mile to try to beat my own time and see what my car can do, but when I want to compare against an other car, I look at the trap speed or I go race him from a roll on a closed highway!

to OP:
; I been drag racing a long time, RWD cars as well and that's the point I guess?? regardless of start, 1/4 mile is about reaction time and 60ft time. All these numbers can be broken down and measured to see what a "good start" is. I don't really get what you're saying other than one car can get the jump out of the hole and that's the point of racing in general