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I really think the Panerai and now knowing it's not upwards of $7k, makes me look at it more seriously. I didn't realize they could hold value so well despite being a pre-owned. Question, which one will hold the value vs. fall. Or do they all hold relative value?
Rolex's and Pan's in the $5k - $8k range will hold their value pretty well. If you buy second hand, which i would recommend, make sure you get the full kit (box, matching paperwork, warranty card etc.) It's worth paying extra for that and only buy from reputable people.

watches above $10k, other than a Daytona, will depreciate more. Heck, anything over $20k you can pretty much buy for 50-60% retail, brand new with papers in the grey market. And there is a very well established and trustworthy grey market for high end watches out there. I forget what the network is called but there is an international watch wholesaler network, of which may authorized Rolex, Omega, Pan retailers are a part.

For example, if you search WUS you can find 'favoured dealers' who will pm you there info... problem is that the OE's don't authorize this activity. I recently went into an authorized Rolex dealer who wouldnt touch my modified Rolex and produced the official notice from Rolex that no authorized dealers may service modified Rolex products.