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Originally Posted by GeeRam View Post
If you're buying used, be aware that the Subs and GMT's changed over to a larger case frame a couple of years ago (yours is an older small frame GMT) and so the newer ones do sit larger on the wrist than the older versions.

I have an older Rolex 16610 Submariner which I love for it's classic simplicity of design, and toughness.
You are correct, Sir! The new one has different casings. Mine is the 16710 (GMT2) which i bought it brand new back in 03 if my memory serves me good.. It's a tough watch I agree with you... it takes a licking and still ticking anything from shocks countless shooting range to bumps and scrapes from many overseas travels, etc

Had a 16610 and 14270 on top of 16710.. I figured the later, 16710, with its multiple timezone ability serves me better than the first two, so I sold them...