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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Doesn't matter what you do when you spin out, car should still not go into limp mode.

Limp mode should NEVER happen. Period.

I had an issue like this years ago in my E60 M5. Was in an open lot playing around and it didn't like my sliding. Didn't throw me in limp mode but got DSC malfunction and a few other errors.

Read the codes and see what they are. A generic scanner may not do the trick.

Battery resets do not clear codes on these cars in most circumstances.

Radio codes are not needed on these cars either as the certificates in the navigation system ensure that the unit will not be fully functional in another car without additional tweaking.

Sometimes sensors get freaked out in extreme circumstances. It's not normal if it keeps happening though, there was a specific reason for the faults being thrown. Sometimes older software is more prone to these "glitches".

Be careful OP.

Hope this helps.
Car can and does go into limp mode if you spin out and stall it while in gear..I suppose the ECU goes through some internal checks, (you would know more about this) but it generally clears itself while driving or through a few on/off power cycles of the engine