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Originally Posted by BigTasty View Post
The vehicle would be new - ordered to specs. I'm fortunate to have military sales as an option, which is the reason for ~$8K of the MSRP. Risky to order without driving, but I've always had an eye on the M3 since the E46 - just never picked one up. Thanks for the feedback on the DCT/6MT and audio - I'll do some research. Obviously it's mostly personal opinion, just interested in getting other enthusiast's experiences. V8 or music - tough decision, no?
Without a doubt, the soundtrack from the V8 will be "music to your ears". But there will be times where other music will be desired. I for one, when I order my M3 in a few weeks, will be getting the Enhanced Audio.

I'm still back-n-forth on DCT vs. MT. The DCT will be faster and convenient should you have a lot of city and/or stop-n-go driving. MT for the connection to the car and perhaps long-term reliability. You just need to test drive both versions to come to your own conclusion.