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Originally Posted by thegeneral101 View Post
ok, they countered with this.

39 month / 10,000 miles per year
Sale Price: $75,076.55
Money Factor: .00155
Residual: .59
Rebates: $1,500 Holiday Cash, $750 Loyalty, $300 Ultimate Drive App
Monthly Payment: $989.00 per month including FL 6% sales tax and registration

I told him get the payment to $980 and we probably have a deal. I do understand its a limited car, so they don't have to let it go.

I don't think I'm getting raped on the deal.
Seems high plus never negotiate by establishing a agreed upon monthly lease payment. There is roughly $6k difference between MSRP and invoice. Add dollars above invoice and subtract available incentives. The base rate for 10k/36 on a M3 coupe is .00125. Don't go to 39 months. It is a way for the dealer to "reduce" the payment by extending the term.

I would have the dealer define all of the variables including MSRP, incentives applied, cost, acquisition fee, money factor and shipping cost. It is a limited production vehicle compared to a standard 3-series but it is also year-end and the M3 has been on the market since 2008.

Can you post the dealer link of the vehicle that you are considering?