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Originally Posted by sensi09
I feel it's almost simultaneous, but I like to stab the throttle and pull the paddle then get off the gas a bit so I have the lowest gear ready.

When you hold the throttle down and pull the paddle to accelerate, there isn't much of surge or feeling of acceleration IMO. Feels very much like a regular auto in that regard. Either way, I think it would work much better without the detent/click point.

One thing I don't like is that right at 80, it gives you 4th gear instead of 3rd. So not the lowest gear possible. Just under 80mph though, you can get 3rd gear.
Yup, you are using the multi-downshift function as intended i.e. throttle and kick-down button fully depressed and then pull the downshift pedal once.

I too would have preferred if DCT picked 3rd gear instead of 4th but I suspect BMW M programmed a level of safety into this multi-downshift function at higher speeds to prevent too much engine braking (if you suddenly decide to lift off throttle just as DCT selects 3rd gear) or rear wheels breaking traction under acceleration. Manually selecting 3rd gear at that speed and then applying the throttle is much more controlled, thus safer.

Originally Posted by sard
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Read the manual on kick-down and pulling the downshift pedal.
My foot is far from activating the kick down. Like just 10% down on the pedal.
If pulling the downshift pedal once - without kick-down button depressed - results in multiple downshifts, then there is a fault somewhere, which you should demonstrate to the dealer ASAP to get it rectified. It might just be a poor electrical contact point on the downshift pedal that momentarily loses electrical contact when the pedal is pulled, and then regains electrical contact, thus interpreting this as 2 pulls of the downshift pedal.

Originally Posted by skypx
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The correct sequence is kickdown then pull the downshift pedal whilst in sequential mode.
Guess I really need to RTFM..... what is the result after that sequence?
As stated in my replies above, DCT downshifts multiple gears in sequential mode, so you don't have to pull the downshift pedal multiple times. This function does have its benefits, but I prefer to choose my gear first, then apply the throttle, as it's safer than having a fully depressed throttle while DCT automatically downshifts multiple gears for you.

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