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Save your money and get an 08 or 09 M3 instead of a 13. With the savings buy a supercharger and run the M3 at the power it should've come at. Oh, swap the E36 for an E46 so you have a real track car

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You mean the wife's car that you keep putting mods on.

My '13 will eventually come out, but I still don't have a clear bra on it yet, and I need to make sure the maintenance I did on the E36 has resolved my high speed vibration issues.

Phil - Aren't the Houston E9x M3 track steps.
1. Get an M3
2. Track E9x M3 and get addicted
3. Get a supercharger for said M3
4. Realize the E9x is too expensive for a high use track car
5. Sell E9x M3
6. Buy E46/E36 M3 & make it a dedicated track car
7. Go to the track alot

I'm just skipping the expensive steps since I already have the E36