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Any MY w/BPM > Any MY w/o

Forget this "2013 >" crap. First there is no documented hardware change after the bearing shells in 2008. That would imply if there is any difference it's in the software, namely 240E versus older versions. That I will buy.

But I will tell you what's better...

Yes, if it makes me a fanboy of BPM so be it.

I went driving today and the improvements, ranging from simple drivability to smoother acceleration and nice shifts, are quite evident. Arguably some of it is due to the 55 F weather. Hell, I'll even say some of it is because I have 2013 Navigation maps and a Nürburgring sticker. But that doesn't explain all of it.

Anyway I really just wanted to pass on, one more time, my happiness with Mike and his product. During the drive I kept thinking about what I would write. Until I sat down now it was simply...

2015 BMW M5 Sedan Returned to BMW at end of lease.