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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
I know you wanted a vert but sadly all of your "cons" would be fixed by getting a coupe/sedan non-vert. Save 400 pounds and would be lighter than your e46 vert and all of the issues would be turned into more positives for the e9x m3

Big price to pay for a vert if you ask me but when you want one you want one and I get that

You're absolutely right. BUT I am comparing my current E93 M3 to my previous E46 M3 Convertible, which was 300-400 lbs lighter due to the soft top! What's really crazy is that the current coupe = the weight of the old convertible!! Clearly BMW needs to employ more weight-saving techniques/metals for the M4 and I'm hoping that more aluminum and/or carbon fiber end up in the M4 to bring the weight down (it will be very disappointing if the weight is the same).

As for the convertible, let me say that if you live in LA, where it's sunny every day, once you go with a convertible you can never go back! It's just like when someone uses Tivo - same problem!

And honestly the fact that I need to have a convertible with rear seat is what limits me to M3, S5, M6, 911 (S5 isn't performing enough and 911/M6 is too incrementally expensive compared to the M3 for me to justify the premium). If I was ok with a coupe then I would have considered a lot of other cars, so needing a convertible with 2 rear seats makes my consideration set very limited given my performance needs.