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Originally Posted by bartman314 View Post
i was experimenting with dsc to see how the car handled without its use. i took a turn at moderate speed and hit the throttle relatively lightly to induce a skid at apex. before i knew it i was in free spin, and completed ~2 full spins before stopping, during which the car stalled. when i restarted the car, the engine warning light came on, and the redline was set at ~5k. i drove carefully the half mile home - warning light stayed on whole time

i was surprised at how dramatically the car responded with dsc off. when on, my car would enter a slight skid, cut power to the wheels and i would regain traction. i'm not sure what happened with dsc off, inputs please!
This has been discussed to death..DSC off equals trouble AND to turn it off in the winter AND on the street is just plain irresponsible. If you dont know what you are doing, I highly suggest you leave that button alone

A spin out while in gear can cause the tires to spin backwards hence the crankshaft will turn backwards, which causes the engine to stall. Also will cause the car to throw an engine malfunction warning