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Thanks for all the drool-worthy posts classmates!!

Sorry for the late replies. Health and work were not cooperating.

Originally Posted by M3AN///AW View Post
After what seemed like waiting an eternity, I finally picked up my 2013 M3. This car is absolutely insane. Huge difference from my E46 M3. Can't wait to see what this can do after the 1200 mile break-in period though.

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Finally picked up my M3 on Wednesday! Got to the dealership right when one of the guys in the service department was going to fill it up so I made sure to see how he was going to leave the lot. When he got back I was able to snap some pics of the car with the white protection plastic still on it. Initially I was going to take care of the paperwork and just get the heck out of there but they actually wash cars by hand so I was ok having them detail it. Took about an hour and a half to prep the car. I even got to take the trunk section of the plastic off. After I got home I felt like a kid on Christmas morning and couldn't really sleep so there was only one thing I could think of doing. Driving of course! I ended up putting 100 miles on it and really got a chance to mess around with the iDrive, MDM, EDC, and power buttons. Really love the car and am looking forward to getting to 1200 miles so I can really see what the car is capable of.
Congrats! Space Grey always looks handsome.

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Finally picked up the car on Friday. The 8 week wait after euro delivery was painful, but I've very happy to have the car back and introduce her to the rest of the family. Hanging out with two of her elders 1000 ///M horsepower! The E36 missed the party. Some of the goodies have made their way onto the car, including the Texas Roundel, still more to come next weekend. Granted my pile of goodies wasn't nearly as big as duyh's
Just happy to have the car again
Even the Mummy wanted to see
Great garage pic

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Finally! Awesome

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Congrats to the other '13 owners! Mine arrived in Baltimore yesterday and should be to the dealer late next week.
Congrats on the Melbourne Red beauty.

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I just ordered a 2013 E92 M3! Should be here around Christmas!

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Well ladies/gentlemen, after a loooooooooooooong 11 weeks, I can finally say i am officially apart of the class of 2013. I finally picked up my AW, ZPP (prem package im a noob) 2013 and I must feels good. It was a long wait but I am actually happy i had to wait this long, it really put things into perspective. In any case, I want to thank Julie for this thread, it was like therapy for me, and all of you who posted pictures THANK YOU!! I just got home, and because its fall barely any good light to take photos, tomorrow I shall! again thank you all for the posts, and words of wisdom throughout the wait!

Major congrats!! Sorry again for the belated congrats.

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Home with BMW Performance Exhaust installed(had this 4mos before the car) and BimmerTech camera mod:
hpc3, love the performance exhaust.

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Delivery update. After the long wait I took my delivery today. Instead of having it shipped home (abut 400 mi) I saw good weather and decided to make it a road trip with my son. Unfortunately, the trip lasted all of 65 miles before the car dumped what looked to be most of it's oil! Engine block was coated with oil too. Rather than risk driving it any further, the dealer sent a flatbed. Now finishing the trip in a loaner - Not the way I envisioned this day ending and still can't believe it. Will be waiting for a call tomorrow to find out what happened. Sorry for the buzz kill tale, but sharing just in case any others have had a similiar experience. Will update the Class when I have news.
4M, sorry to hear about what happened. How's your car now?

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Just joined the class of '13!!
Signed off yesterday, about to get my production number.
Traded in my 2011 'STI.

AW 6mt ZCP.
Cf Roof

Got a "Striped down" version.

I love to drive, and didn't want all that other premium package stuff (yes luxury lol) getting in the way of the fun......Or maybe I didnt have the extra 10-15k to waste.
Congrats! I have a semi-stripped car as well. I absolutely LOVE it! I do not regret what I did not check off. In fact, I think I would have been happy with even less... the engine and the drive are just out of this world.

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2013 Lime Rock Park 11/12....
Nice Lime Rock!

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one more for the class of 2013
LeMans Blue!

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i weep as drive, weep in happiness ( i am guessing this is normal lol )
Awesome, LOL!

I still pinch myself when I open my garage door, I think I love her more everyday...

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She's finally back in the US! What a wait!

Here's a crappy iPhone photo from last weekend's Cars and Coffee in Irvine.
That may be a crappy iPhone pic but the color is still amazing......

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I am part of the class of 2013.

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Class of 2013. I join you.
What a great pic! I am not American but I salute your service to your country.

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Just picked up my 2013 MW E92 a couple of days ago. Interior is the two tone fox red/black. Some quick pics.
Nice color combo!

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I am joining the class as well.
Another rare MR - very nice. And great signature. Priceless... exactly.

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Another graduate of 2013! Couldn't wait to throw on a couple mods to clean up the front end's chrome and orange bits.

Got the car in record time as well, 6 weeks (which felt like 3 months

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LOVE your username. And oh how I love your car's look!

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I recently ordered my '13 to replace my '08 M3 Sedan. I am surprising myself with this order... I have never kept a car as long as my '08 (have had it for 4 years) much less sell a car and purchase the same model. I love the M3 and couldn't find another option with it's mix of practicality, performance, and price. Below are the specs.
You will not regret your choice. There is something magical about this car. And now you will have the most sorted of all the E9X M3's. And the S56... to keep for as long as you want.

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Just got her yesterday afternoon.
She looks perfect against the snow.

Thanks all, for your contributions!
And seasons greetings and Happy 2013 to you all!!
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