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Another Roll-On: ESS VT2 625 vs VF 620

Longboarder (camera car): ESS VT2 625 S/C (567 RWHP), DCT

vs Joe@Trinity: VF Eng 620 S/C (602 RWHP), 6MT

Joe has 2 wheels/tires and various track tools in car; also is running 245 tires in rear as he bent one of his rear wheels earlier in the day.

Run 1: 45-50mph roll on...Joe starts in 2nd gear and longboarder (while messing up at the third honk) starts in 3rd gear. Yes longboarder hits rev limiter around the end of the run. lol.

Run 2: 40mph roll on...both start in 2nd gear. Appears that Joe spins a little on the 2-3 gear change.

We will definitely rematch at the next roll-on event and I think it will be a very close race once both cars are on equal footing.

Daily: 2016 BMW i8
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