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Originally Posted by MSport28 View Post
There are a lot of brands and differing opinions about 1911's. The feel of a 1911, regardless of brand, is excellent, as the weight nicely offsets the power of a 45 bullet.

From personal owner experience, I suggest a Springfield Armory piece. For about $900-1200, the SA guns offer great features and excellent build quality. Their "Loaded" model was my first 1911 purchase.

Besides SA, you can never go wrong with a Colt. From the manufacturer that practically invented the gun, Colt's are always highly sought-after and hold their value very well. From their ~$1000 Defender model on up, a Colt is a perfect choice.

If you really want to get crazy, Wilson Combat makes probably the best (and most expensive) custom 1911's, ranging from about $2800 on up. While I don't have a Wilson, nearly as good is my Ed Brown Special Forces - amazing gun, but quite an amazing price too, about $2500!
Holy cow!! Yeah I'm def not looking to spend that much. I'm really leaning toward a Sig. I love the look or the Sigs and supposedly they are very accurate 1911's. I havent heard many talk of Sigs on this thread though. Seems those that do have one, really enjoy them. They are in the price range of what I'm looking to spend, ~$1000.