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Originally Posted by hwelvaar
Originally Posted by newbmwuser View Post
any LTE (4g) wifi modem would do the same thing at (probably) the fraction of the price, in a smaller package.
So ? Noone should buy BMW sat nav anymore, because you can buy a portable sat nav at your local hardware store ?

And fiddle with the cables/power cord every time you want to use it ?
And then have it stolen and your door window smashed some day ?

Why the cr*p are you all negative about this new option ?
If you don't want it, just don't order it...
On your period or something?

It's a fact that wifi hotspots and this option is the same frigging thing. People will steal it? Pfft you can just put it in the glovebox (permanently charged to a USB) just like this 'Option'.

Spend all you like, just don't vent your personal issues on me.


Re read my original post, and nope, wasn't really negative at all
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