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Originally Posted by anjova00 View Post
Thank you very much.
When you say " aggressive" how does it goes with the ET values?
For example , an ET 22 is more or less agressive than an ET 33 ? The higher the ET number what does it means?
Thanks for your reply
The lower the offset (i.e., more aggressive fitment), the closer the wheels/tires will get to the fender. Tire size also is important with aggressive fitments because the tire can rub on the fender.

When I was running my stock wheels I used a 15 mm spacer on the F wheels and a 10 mm spacer on the R wheels - this changed the stock offsets from F 8.5et29 to 8.5et14, and R 9.5et23 to 9.5et13. BTW, I was running the stock 245/265 tire sizes.