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Originally Posted by ONE-77 View Post
Just got my new M3

Is it normal to:

-Wonder around town aimlessly just to drive the car.
-Exceed 5000 rpms few times before the break in period.
-Sit in the car for hourse in the garage switching all the settings while your wife is wondering where the hell are you.
-Check the car every second for any scratch.
-freak out when someone parks next to you.
-go around the parking lot 5 times looking for a nice car to park next to to avoid dents.
-get addicted to the scent of the fresh leather.
-your wife telling you: "you have to find a male friend to talk to about the car because I can't take it any more"

I'm in love with this thing.. And I'm going crazy.. Abviously..
perfectly normal!! I find myself doing these same things every day. just this morning I spent three-four hours detailing the car, removing every speck of dust and dirt from the carpets.. and yes I even use a cotton swab to clean in between the idrive controller .. I have also been found hugging the dash by my wife.. especially when we've been away on a trip for a week or so..