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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
I think those that like that feeling of torque all the time mostly drive in a straight line. Thats where torque makes a car more enjoyable to drive. The M3 is sublime coming out of corners and the power is just perfect. Lets face it. People buy great cars for the wrong purpose all the time. I'm actually in the process of removing my supercharger because all the extra power makes the car feel very unbalanced (at least that's one of the reasons).
OT but what are you other reasons?..I am a big proponent of not adding extra power by supercharging and rather mod by adding lightness and extracting the existing power from the engine.. hence getting better power to weight ratio and maintaining the N/A configuration

I am of the opinion that supercharging the M3 really transforms the car and not necessarily for the better. I am sure this will create a stir, but oh well..