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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
Whose to say those who sold/upgraded their M3 aren't also on other forums? Many here, myself included, are fans of cars... all cars... and enjoy being part of this community and others. Also, that way when we make our way back to the M3 or M4 or whatever, we are still up to date.

We will make sure to have the admins cancel your account here when you get another car someday as we now know it won't be appropriate for you to post here after that
Lol too true. I need to stay up to date when the next M3 is out because its a great car. Hope to get into the next gen M3 as the M5 serves no purpose to me. I really want boost and low end grunt.

On another note how are you loving the grunt of that c63? Seriously considering one of the 4 doors as a DD but have heard comments about the trans. Would never have a manual again after all the DCT cars ive had. 458, GT-R, M3.

This thread simply asked, why did you get rid of your M3, I wanted more low end grunt. There was nothing wrong with the car. Perfect balance. But sometimes you get sick of balance and like cars that will try to kill you Just like women. The crazy psycho ones are sometimes the hottest
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