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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
Are you a "debbie downer" in every post? We didn't want to go from a dig, nobody does really, the race was from 55 on, it would have been pointless on street tires and in 30 degree weather, hence the reason I started in 3rd. BUT I hear you, we may do a 1/4 mile event, so you can find something else to complain about if vids are posted from that event.
nice atitude ; you post stuff on a public forum and I just commented; isn't that how the internet works? I wasn't even being a "debbie downer" just stating my opinion. It seems that roll racing is taking over, as evident by my old home track (Englishtown) renting it out to do roll racing through the 1/4 mile track (weird). I'm just old school I guess and a fan of drag racing. Part of the race is being able to feather the car off the line and I think it's more "driving" racing from a dig. But again to each his own