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Originally Posted by MSport28 View Post
I start by saying I am a hard-core Ford fanatic, so my opinion is likely biased ...

My daily driver is my '10 FX4 F-150. I love this truck. I have a bunch of mods completed, like King Off-Road shocks, Nitto Trail Grappler tires, performance mods, etc. The new powertrains, including the Ecoboost V6, are excellent. There is a reason the F-series is the number one selling truck for the past 35 straight years!

If you have the means, the Raptor's are bad-ass. I've driven various configurations extensively on-road and off-road (I used to work for Ford corporate) and the trucks are awesome. My only issue is that they have become really popular as a sort of "status symbol" with people whose idea of "off-roading" is mis-judging a turn at the supermarket and driving over a curb.