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ESS VT3-725 Supercharged M3 DCT vs Whipple Ford GT (730whp)

Hey guys I hit the Shift-S3ctor track event yesterday at Willow Springs Raceway, the car ran extremely well and had a great time with an amazing group of enthusiasts.

At the end of the day some of us did a few side by side pulls and I did a rematch with my buddies Whipple Ford GT. At the last Shift-S3ctor airstrip event in November he was around 610whp and I managed to pull him decently there, but just recently he upgraded his Ford GT and he dynoed at 730whp! We were both anxious to see how the cars would stack up now with his additional 100+ WHP, enjoy!

Here's the same runs from his car's POV -

To give you an idea how fast the Ford GT is, here is a very close run the same day against 640whp C6 Z06 on E85 -

Here's how that same 640whp C6 Z06 did against a GT2 with 700+ HP, and an Alpha 9 GTR at the SHIFT-S3CTOR Trona Airstrip Attack in Feb.

Here's some pics as well -

16 F82 M4 DCT - ZCP - JB4 - 556WHP / 570WTQ
08 E92 M3 DCT - Bolt Ons - 60-130MPH 10.71s - 11.88 @ 118MPH - 377WHP
ESS VT2-625 SC 60-130MPH 6.80s - 11.30 @ 129.3 MPH 586WHP / 379WTQ
ESS VT3-750 - 60-130MPH 6.14s - 10.81 @ 135.13 MPH 690WHP/463WTQ
Shift-S3ctor E92 M3 - 1/2 Mile Trap Speed WR - 174.13 MPH

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