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Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
Apc will strip protection but you want to use klasse aio so you should have a clean surface to work on.
Good point, and normally if it were summer, I'd do just that. I was thinking the more protectant and waxes left on there + Klasse AIO on top for more protection, that could help me during the hard winter months. What do you think? It might not be the best "shine", but I'm more interested in layering up the protection from salt and grime. etc.

Today it was so freaking cold, I ended up just using the High Pressure Wash quickly to rinse of the dirt as best as possible, shampooed once, took through a Touchless Wash for extra measure. Afterwards, just blotted/patted it down to dry with a microfiber (not wiping), since I know there's still some residue winter film there (it's ever so slight, but didn't want to take a chance).