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Originally Posted by tico1028 View Post
Right, because we should just blindly believe those in power. That's like saying we shouldn't question a third-world dictator executing a citizen- the government did it, so that's all you need to know.

That being said, I've never seen the mods here act inappropriately, so I'm sure there is a valid reason.
Well, "those in power" on forums, not just this one, often times give paying sponsors more leeway, the benefit of the doubt, or whatever term you'd like to insert here. And so for the forum to actually ban the sponsor tells me more than I need to know. I've personally had a bad experience with Sean@PYSpeed. I never purchased because I felt his business style shady.

Reading through many of the PYSpeed threads, it seems shadiness is prevalent in their business practice. It seems they try to see what they can get away with. When called out, *that* is when they do the right thing, which IMO is too late. A well run business should do the right thing *from* the beginning, and not try and see what they can squeeze out of a prospective client, be called out on that, and then post publicly a solution which should have been offered before all the back and forth that happened prior to said unhappy client posting a negative feedback thread.