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I was sent a set of wheels/tires with the wrong TPMS sensors in them. I specifically was told that I would have the 2010+TPMS sensors, but when I mounted them, errors...

PYSpeed offered to send the replacement TPMS to a local tire shop, have me pay for the work, and they would refund me.

I was worried that replacing the TPMS would marr by brand new wheels, so wanted to take them to a place I always use. They were too expensive for PYSPEED, and they found a place 40 minutes away from me (instead of my 10 min trusted place) and sent the new TPMS there. Fine.

I took my Saturday and went to have them swapped at the place they wanted. 5 hours of my time. I paid them, and submitted the receipt to PySpeed in email and in the return box for the TPMS to PySpeed. No response for two weeks so I called them. "It will go out this week"...

No response for another two weeks. I called again, told the same thing. It took over 2 months to get reimbursed for their F-up, and only after I had to resort to getting pretty damn hornery with them.

I was a repeat customer, but no more. Refunds (due to their screw-ups) do not come easily with these guys.