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BimmFiniti you are right 100% right

Originally Posted by BimmFiniti View Post
The larger cars (5, 6 & 7 series) have taken a "weird" direction over the past few years, though. Used to be, the Lexus and Mercedes big cars would triumph in lux and gadgets but BMW would win with performance and driveability. They don't seem to be significantly better in driveability or performance anymore, though.
Changes to 5, 7, etc. may not be what we want regarding "sportier" edge, but it's what the consumer wants. Let's just hope the 3 keeps it sportier edge.

Getting back to if BMW has changed there direction and losing what made owning BMW so special, that sporty edge IMO yes. Look at the market, lets face it the 3 and 5 series are bread and butter of company and account for it's lions share of sales. The 328 and 535 accounting for most of these sales and if you look at demographic of who's purchasing these vehicles, more and more women have been moving towards BMW's especially 328,535 and family's and older individuals preferring 535 these folks are buying these car IMO more for name recognition and status than looking for great handling sport sedan. Not to say all women or family's are not driving enthusiast just that vast majority really don't give rats ass about performance and would prefer more comfort and that's exactly what BMW is doing catering to this new demographic in order to compete with Audi,Mercedes and Lexus. All the M cars are great but sales wise how much do they account for. No were near as much as 328,535,X1,X3 etc, so unfortunately some models will be made to appease the vast majority of the buying public. They will always make M cars lets just hope they don't water them down in the pursuit of some corporate bean counters vision of what makes BMW a BMW for if we didn't have M car there would be no AMG, RS, F-Sport,and few other.

Hey when read article a few months ago in Motor Trend that compared several cars 535i M sport package, Audi S6 3.0 T, M37S and GS-F Sport and they ranked Lexus GS-F sport 1st over 535i M with GS-F beating 535 in almost every category except braking distant I was like WTF they said "Great steering. Balanced, communicative, properly weighted. Just a joy to drive. Neutral without being leaden. Very Mazda-like, in fact. And I say all this having driven the car in Sport instead of Sport Plus." Evans: "This is a Lexus? Really impressed with the handling and confidence in the car. Holds the road much better than expected" it seems the GS-F drives more like BMW and 535i drives more like Audi go figure what is the world coming to lol.
Now I'm no fan of new GS-F the profile doesn't match the front end and that new front end IMO is over done but they did good job with it performance wise. Once again this just my opinion but this to me is very telling, hinting to were BMW is moving towards with some of there models.