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Picked up a new addition today!

Ok probably not what you were expecting! Here is the catch, a friend over heard me talking about putting to many miles on the M and was going to go test drive a sedan or mini etc. She told me about a bank that had this sedan on the back lot as a repo and woud sell cheap. I went over there and sure enough this is how it sat. For a daily beater I offered them $1000 and they TOOK IT! LOL so now comes the new project car. here are the specs
5sp manual
Beige Leather
I took it stright to my local speed shop and put it on the rack, good news is she is solid, bad news to plain jane for me. I got on the phone and have these parts i was able to already order.
  • Mtech ll front
  • Clear corners
  • clear signals
  • backlit shift knob
  • lowering springs

I am trying to find a set of OEM HID lights, I was told to look at DEPO brand. Next week will be fun, it may be a budget beater, but I still want her to look good.
The picture to the right is my inspiration for the front.
I will be uploading more pictures throughout the build.
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E92 Jerez Black, NAV, DCT. Mach Mchnell Stage 2, BBS CH-R Titanium, M/// Performance Exhaust.