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Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
Honestly, I love the wheels. Sick fitment and lip.

But why do you keep bragging about them? They're still running strong? Sorry, I know not all wheels are certified etc but it seems like you yourself are surprised they're still in good nick. Do you work for ISS? That's what I bet on.

What are you asking for them? (curious)

I like your post, short and sweet lol.... I am not bragging about them I just think they make a great wheel for a reasonable price and there are a lot of shady companies out there selling not as good a wheel for a crazy high price.. Just trying to broaden everyones mind on a company and my experience. The wheels are still running strong and have not wrong with them. Everyone ask me if I work for ISS and the answer is NO... I am actually a nurse in Chicago, IL....

I am asking $3700.00 shipped or best offer

I will be putting them in the for sale section tomorrow.

Have a great night!!!