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Originally Posted by Mmmm3333 View Post
This may be the most moronic statement of all. The "lack of low end torque" is not a design was THE design criteria for the BMW engineers. BMW likes to make their M cars in the same spirit as the F1 cars, just with the practicality of carrying 4/5 passengers. Perhaps you'd be much happier in a car designed in the same spirit as the NASCAR cars???

Just as the M3 serves dual purpose of a family sedan and a track car, the engine is a perfect match for those two distinct personalities. I like the docile nature of the engine when my family is in the car and I love the ferocious rev happy nature when I am at the track. If you can't keep the revs over 2k even when not paying close attention, an auto may be the best option.
I never said it was a design flaw. I did say it was a flaw, which I will qualify by saying it is a flaw as a DD for those who may not like to shift from 4th to 2nd to get around every corner in town. It is not a flaw for high speed cruising or the track.