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Originally Posted by Mmmm3333
Originally Posted by soberin View Post
This is a moronic statement by an obviously novice driver of performance cars. The lack of low-end torque is a major flaw of the the M3. It is designed, in case you are unaware, for high speed cruising, and tracking. It sucks as a daily driver around town.
This may be the most moronic statement of all. The "lack of low end torque" is not a design was THE design criteria for the BMW engineers. BMW likes to make their M cars in the same spirit as the F1 cars, just with the practicality of carrying 4/5 passengers. Perhaps you'd be much happier in a car designed in the same spirit as the NASCAR cars???

Just as the M3 serves dual purpose of a family sedan and a track car, the engine is a perfect match for those two distinct personalities. I like the docile nature of the engine when my family is in the car and I love the ferocious rev happy nature when I am at the track. If you can't keep the revs over 2k even when not paying close attention, an auto may be the best option.
Apparently the new BMW design direction begs to differ.... Not disagreeing with you just stating the obvious.

Btw this discussion is parallel with 600 vs liter bikes on the bike forums. Different strokes for different folks. I prefer the 600 on a bike and monster torque in my cars only bc its easier to handle or walk away from a spin, but that's a moot point now that traction control has become so advanced in every motor sport. My s1000rr gave me the best of all worlds with rain mode and abs... And the fj200 offers crawl mode over the traditional locking front center rear diffs.

I was most impressed with my z06's competition mode which kept me from spinning my car on a new to me track , new car and first time driving an hpde event in the rain with some lakes running through!

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